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Who We Are

MJ Attaché is a collective of passionate creatives who relish life’s finest pleasures: indulgent dinners, lavish vacations, and above all beautifully designed fashion pieces. However, we were alarmed to notice that our cannabis self-care ritual failed to reflect the same level of refinement. Determined to bridge this gap, we set out to create beautifully crafted bags and accessories that embody our elevated style, whilst catering to our desire for ease.

Italian craftsman making The Anthony in Fuchsia Pink
MJ Attaché, The Journey

A journey spanning three continents, that began eight years ago, has reached its conclusion or has at least completed its beginning. A journey accompanied by talented designers, expert craftsmen and innovative marketers.

With an idea formed, Christy endeavoured to find the perfect artisan and designer to make her vision a reality; and where better than in the foothills of Tuscany, Italy? We were inspired to meet Lisa, a designer with the skills of a magician. We were then blessed to meet the highly experienced Luigi, an artisan of over fifty years, adept at bringing designs to life.

Eight years on and over a dozen prototypes later, MJ attaché are proud to introduce our luxury line of practical, yet beautiful attachés, uniquely designed to suit your cannabis experience.

A visionary redefining cannabis culture

Christy Fuicelli, the creative force behind MJ Attaché, is an entrepreneur on a mission to challenge preconceived perceptions of cannabis use. Disheartened by staid stereotypes lazily applied to cannabis consumers, she has embarked on a trailblazing journey to create a modern brand that embodies sophistication and celebrates the diverse tastes of herbal enthusiasts.

Drawing inspiration from her own experiences and those of fellow entrepreneurs and cultured professionals, Christy acknowledges that the modern herbalist deserves a self-care ritual that matches their style. Thus, “The Anthony” was born, a labour of love that seamlessly fuses luxury handbags, briefcases, and luggage, with cannabis functionality.

At MJ Attaché, Christy’s passion for elegance and individuality is evident in every creation. Her designs break free from convention, adding an element of sophistication to the cannabis lifestyle. As you explore MJ Attaché’s exquisite collection, you’ll discover Christy’s unwavering dedication to elevating the cannabis experience.

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Christy with The Anthony in Black